Virtual Program: The Imitation of Christ (Book I) by Thomas A Kempis

This is an Audio Collection of Book I: The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis (1418-1427). It was one of Saint Sharbel's favorite books to read.

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The Imitation of Christ (Book I) by Thomas A Kempis Videos

Ch. 01 On Following Christ Our Model

"No one who follows Me will ever walk in darkness" (John 8:12). These words of Our Lord counsel all to walk in His footsteps. Watch Video

Ch. 02 On Having a Humble Opinion of Oneself

Knowledge is a natural desire in all people. But knowledge for its own sake is useless unless you fear God. Watch Video

Ch. 03 On the Teaching of Truth

Persons who are taught by truth and not by symbols or deceitful words are really blessed and happy, for they learn truth in itself. Our own opinions and lack of knowledge often lead us astray, because we do not know the truth as it is. Watch Video

Ch. 04 On Being Prudent in What we Accept and Do

It is not good to be taken in by every word or impulse that comes our way, but consider the thing prudently and thoughtfully in order not to offend God. Watch Video

Ch. 05 On the Reading of Holy Scripture

It is truth that must be sought in Holy Scripture, not beauty of expression. It should be read with the same spirit in which it was written. Watch Video

Ch. 06 Concerning Inordinate Affections

When people desire anything to an excessive degree, they immediately lose their peace of soul. The proud and avaricious are always perturbed; while the humble and the poor in spirit live in peace and contentment. Watch Video

Ch. 07 On False Confidence and Arrogance

It is foolish to put your trust in humans, or in any creature for that matter. Watch Video

Ch. 08 On Avoiding Too Much Familiarity

Do not open your heart to everyone, but only to one who is wise, God-fearing, and who can keep your confidence. Watch Video

Ch. 09 On Being Obedient and Submissive

To be obedient, to live under a superior, not seeking our own way, is great virtue. It is safer to obey orders than to give them. Watch Video

Ch. 10 On Avoiding Superfluous Words

Flee as much as possible the company of worldly people. For discussing worldly matters, no matter how good the intention, is a great obstacle to the spiritual life. Watch Video

Ch. 11 On How to Acquire Peace and on the Desire to Improve

We would indeed have peace if we would attend to our affairs. How can you remain in peace when you deliberately interfere in other people's business... Watch Video

Ch. 12 On the Advantage of Not Having Everything Our Own Way

it is good that everything is not always to our liking; for adversity makes people look into their hearts... Watch Video

Ch. 13 On Resisting Temptation

We will never be free of trials and temptations as long as our earthly life lasts. Watch Video

Ch. 14 On Avoiding Hasty Judements

Watch over yourself and take care not to judge the actions of other people. We gain nothing by criticizing others, but often are mistaken and thereby offend God. Watch Video

Ch. 15 On Works Done from the Motive of Charity

Never is evil to be done for any worldly gain nor for love of any human being. But there are times when a good deed may be deferred for the benefit of one who is in need... Watch Video

Ch. 16 On Bearing with the Defects of Others

There will always be defects in ourselves or others which we cannot correct. These we simply tolerate until God in His goodness sees fit to change things. Watch Video

Ch. 17 On the Religious Life

If you want to get along with others, it is necessary to curb your own will in many things. Watch Video

Ch. 18 On the Examples Given by the Holy Fathers

Look at the shining examples of our ancient Fathers and the Saints, in whom true perfection and religion flourished and then you will see how little we do by comparison. Watch Video

Ch. 19 On the Exercises of a Good Religious

The life of a good religious should be distinguished by virtue, being inwardly as one appears outwardly, for He who sees the heart is God, whom we should always reverence. Watch Video

Ch. 20 On the Love of Solitude and Silence

Seek a convenient time to search your own conscience, meditating on the benefits of God. Restrain curiosity, read only those things that will move you to contrition rather than give you distraction. Watch Video

Ch. 21 On Compunction of Heart

If you want to make progress, keep your soul in the fear of God and never wish to be completely free. Discipline your senses and never indulge in hilarity. Watch Video

Ch. 22 On the Consideration of Human Misery

You are wretched wherever you are and no matter which way you turn, unless your turning is to God. Why are you easily upset just because things do not go your way? Watch Video

Ch. 23 Meditation on Death

The hour of death will soon come for you. See to it that you spend your time here well. Watch Video

Ch. 24 On the Lst Judgement and the Punishment for Sins

In all things look to the end and how you will appear before the strict judge. Nothing is hidden from Him, neither will He accept bribes, nor receive excuses. Watch Video

Ch. 25 On the Fervent Amendment of Our Whole Life

Be alert and diligent in the service of God, thinking often why you were born and why you have left the world. Was it not that you should live only for God and become a spiritual person? Certainly it was. Watch Video