Virtual Program: The Imitation of Christ (Book III) by Thomas A Kempis

This is an Audio collection of Book III: The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis (1418-1427). It was one of Saint Sharbel's favorite books to read.

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The Imitation of Christ (Book III) by Thomas A Kempis Videos

Ch. 01 On the Way Christ Speaks Inwardly to the Soul

"I will hear what the Lord God will speak within me" (Psalm 85:9). says a devout soul. Blessed is that soul who hears the Lord speaking within, and from His lips receives the words of comfort. Watch Video

Ch. 02 How God Speaks Within Us Without Sound of Words

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. (1 Sam 3:9) I am Your servant and beg You for the understanding to know Your commandments (Psalm 119:125). Incline my heart to follow your holy teachings, that they may seep into my soul as dew seeps into the grass.(Deut 32:2) Watch Video

Ch. 03 The Words of God Are To Be Heard with Humility

My child, hear My words and follow them; for they are most sweet and far exceed the learning and wisdom of the philosophers and all the wise of the world. Watch Video

Ch. 04 We Should Walk Before God in Truth and Humility

My Child, walk before Me in truth and simplicity of heart, without pretense. Those who so walk will be shielded from the attacks of the evil one and Truth shall free them from deceivers and the distractions of evil people. Watch Video

Ch. 05 On the Wonderful Effect of the Love of God

May You be blessed, O Heavenly Father, Father of my Lord, Jesus Christ, because You have consented to be mindful of me, poor sinner that I am. Watch Video

Ch. 06 On the Proof of a True Lover

My child, you are not yet a valiant and wise lover. Watch Video

Ch. 07 How Grace is to Be Kept Close Through the Virtue of Humility

My child, it is better and safer for you to hide the grace of devotion. Do not speak much about it, nor think much of it; but rather belittle yourself more because of it, regarding yourself as unworthy of so gracious a gift from God. Watch Video

Ch. 08 On the Lowly Esteem of Self in God's Sight

I will speak to You, Lord, Jesus, I who am but dust and ashes. If I think myself any better, You stand opposed to me, and what is more, my own sins bear witness against me. This evidence I cannot deny. Watch Video

Ch. 09 How All things Are to Be Referred to God, Our Last End

My child, if you desire true happiness, then I must be the ultimate goal of all your works. Watch Video

Ch. 10 On the Joy of Serving God and Abandoning the World

I will speak to You again, O Lord, for I cannot be silent. I will say in Your hearing, my God and my King, Who is in heaven: "How great is Your goodness, O Lord, which You have stored up for those who fear You."(Psalm 31:20) Watch Video

Ch. 11 On the Need to Examine and Moderate the Desires of the Heart

My child, you still have many things to learn, which you have not yet learned well. Watch Video

Ch. 12 On Acquiring Patience in the Struggle Against Concupiscence

O my Lord God, I can see that patience is very necessary for me, for this life is full of many disturbing things. Watch Video

Ch. 13 On Humble Obedience after the Example of Our Lord, Jesus Christ

My child, they who try to withdraw themselves from obedience withdraw themselves from grace. Watch Video

Ch. 14 On Considering the Secret Judgements of God So That We Do Not Become proud of Our Good Works

O Lord, Your judgements sound forth like peals of thunder over my head and all my bones shake and tremble with fear, and my soul is seized with trembling. Watch Video