Introduction to Syriac Spirituality with Chorbishop Seely Beggiani

04/18/2024 - 06/20/2024

April 18: The Syriac World View

April 25: The Early Period (The Demonstrations of Aphraat and the Book of Steps)

May 2: The Foundations of Spirituality (Faith, Baptism, The Holy Spirit, Eucharist)

May 9: The Foundations of Spirituality Cont (Penitence, Humility, Hope, Charity, Mercy)

May 16: Stages of the Spiritual Life: The Corporeal Stage (Faith and "Fear of God", Observing the Commandments, Asceticism, Passionlessness)

May 23: Stages of the Spiritual Life Cont: Eight Major Temptations, Abstinence, Vigil, Almsgiving, Discernment

May 30: The Stage of the Soul (Private Prayer, Luminosity, Purity of Heart, Simplicity, Stillness and Solitude)

June 6: The Stage of the Soul Cont: (Contemplation, The Divine Presence in Creation, Divine Providence, Sacred Scriptures)

June 13: The Stage of the Spirit (Silent Prayer, The Spiritual Senses, Unknowing, Spiritual Wisdom, Ecstatic events)

June 20: Summaries and Conclusions

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